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January - New decade, New You? Seize the chance to succeed!

Success has never been more accessible! New Year is always a really great time to start something new, but really we can choose any time to start anew. Mondays, mornings, start of the month.... what ever we choose. To make it easier for your studies this year to be the chance to change into...


For a bit of fun - What's your learning Personality?

We all love a bit of a personality test, here is one we've created (from legitimate study preference questions, but don't let that hold back from the fun)... https://www.riddle.com/showcase/190143/personality So you've done the quiz - What next? Whether you are a Battler wanting to start...


Learning agility – what, why and how?

Learning Agility, Learning Hacks – so much tech-talk that sounds amazing… but confusing and vague at the same time. So what’s it all about? Learning agility is essentially about being able to learn quickly and in different ways. A new challenge or situation arises? You are quickly able to...


What's your Motivation?

What is your motivation to study? If we don’t have a purpose, it’s hard to keep going when challenges arise. Knowing your personal motivators can help build your resilience. Download your FREE Motivation check worksheet here: Download Having trouble getting...


Meet the founder

Introducing Tanya. Tanya is a mother of two young girls, a former accountant, a facilitator, coach, creator of Learn2Learn and UniCoach, and Founder of her own business Engaged Learning Solutions (as well as her own coaching business working with mum-entrepreneurs TMRutherford). A real...


June 2019 Update - University led Research project and Pilot program!

Hey there! I admit I've been procrastinating (it doesn't only happen when you study - any job you need to do can do it!) and finally decided I should get my act together before the end of financial year (just). I did want to share what's happening in our space. this month has been huge! (Nearly...