What would you like to change? To expand? To evolve?

One of the biggest challenges as an educator is having the ability to manage teaching in dynamic and large environments, and still be able to know and support students on an individual basis.

Everyone of us is unique - coming with different life experiences, different strengths and different challenges... and our students are the same.

Whilst it may not be realistic (or even remotely possible) to know all of your students personally, there are ways to ensure they are each getting the support and the learning experience in a way that will best enable them for success.

We each have a role to play in this.

Curious to know more?

What's involved?

  • 5 group coaching sessions - one every 3 weeks. Each week will have particular themes and we will endeavour to ensure these are tailored to your specific needs, as well as those of other participants.

  • Weekly action and reflection prompts.

  • Personal guidance, encouragement and support, tailored for you and your unique experience and environment.

  • Your commitment to be fully present in our sessions, and to dedicate time to taking action and reflecting on your impact and actions.

  • Your participation as a supportive, non-judgemental, collaborative group coaching partner.

  • The opportunity to transform your teaching and student impact and create a more satisfying experience for your students AND yourself!

Next group coaching start dates:

1st November (intake applications close 15th October)

1st December (intake applications close 10th November)

1st May 2022 (intake applications close 10th April)

1st July 2022 (intake applications close 10th June)

Hi, I'm Tanya Rutherford from Learn Grow Become.

Intentional change makes it possible for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations!

For me, being a coach and facilitator is all about helping folk like yourself discover how much easier it is to learn, to grow and to become the best version of yourself when you have the right tools, strategies and mindsets at your disposal. 

As someone experienced in learning design, coaching, mentoring and in facilitating life-expanding student leadership experiences; I recognise the challenges in creating a learning experience and culture that is supportive and encouraging when it comes to enabling people to personalise their own learning and to really succeed in their studies!

I've also spent the last 18+ years coaching, mentoring and facilitating in business, transformation, leadership and learning.

I want to support you in helping your students to gain the best learning experience and outcomes possible!

To learn more about Tanya (pronouns she, her, they, them), please follow her on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tmrutherford/

To learn more about our work at Learn Grow Become you can visit us: https://learngrowbecome.com

Application Process

We have a rigorous process that we follow to ensure that we are the best support for you. As a result we ask that you please fill out the form below. We will be in contact to organise a chat about what your would like to achieve, and to make sure that you will be a fit for the program (and the program is a fit for you).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the application process work?

We assess all applications, when there are positions available. If you are shortlisted you will be contacted for a no-obligation 30 min conversation where both parties can determine if they will proceed. Upon successful application you will be sent a coaching contract and invoice. Once these have been signed and paid the coaching relationship can begin.

To find out more, please read our Legal Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements (below)

Please note that if you are successful in your application for coaching, there will be a separate coaching contract sent to you.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon review of your coaching application, we'll be in contact and you will receive further instructions on how to book a time for your no-obligation introductory appointment.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your coaching, please reach out to us ([email protected]) to see if your purchase is eligible for a refund for sessions not yet used (less an administration fee). Note that you will not be charged until your application has been accepted, and payment is required before the first coaching session.

To find out more, please read our Legal Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements (below)